If your like me and 95% of the world, you probably were not born knowing what your purpose was in life. Much less, how to make money off of it. DON’T PANIC! Your not alone! Equally as many people have no freakin clue where to start to find out what their purpose is. 

What’s interesting is that everyday there’s social media posts, blogs, news features dedicated to people who have made that entrepreneurial leap to do what they love for work. Kind of lays on the pressure doesn’t it? Like the universe is screaming at you “Look! Look! They did it! What are you waiting for?!” Every time I would see a motivational post with #livethelifeyoulove I wanted to scream “I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE F@&K I wanna do so back the F$&K OFF!!” Haha. 

What the attention should really be on is the HOW. How do you get to a place where you are able to life a life of purpose? One that is not only personally fulfilling but gives you the financial freedom you want. How do you get to a place where you wake up everyday excited and eager to share what you have with everyone you come into contact with?!! Like you visibly are radiating some sort of weird beaming light from your entire body that people can’t help but notice! They can literally see it and feel it that you have something they want to be a part of! 

For the longest time, I would go to after work mixers and meet ups and meet people who were early in their game. Maybe they had a business card maybe not. Some had years of experience others hadn’t even opened up a WordPress. But they all had one common trait. They all had that energy that I just talked about. That radiating contagious energy that you could feel a mile away. And I found myself envying them. Even the ones who were just starting. Because even though the newbies were just starting with very low or no return on investment, they all knew and had a clear understanding of what they wanted to do and owned it! 

In case your like me and have absolutely no freaking clue on where to start here’s a few starting points that helped me. 

1. Forget what others think, say, or tell you as well as any assumptions you have about what others think, say, and/or tell you. It’s not their life, it’s YOURS. This first step is very important because you have to be willing to let go of any fears of disappointment or criticism aside in order to let your creative mind truly flow. 

2.Write out on a piece of paper what your picture perfect day would look like if you were a. Getting paid for just breathing and b. Could not fail at anything. I suggest keeping a journal to do this and rewriting your vision a few times. Maybe once a week for a solid month. 

This will help you get your creative juices flowing and help you see trends and reoccurring themes in your visions. Get as detailed as possible in them and really dedicate at least 30min to an hour to get some good creative, limitless, beautiful writing down. Trust me the first time is always the hardest because your mind is still holding on to the confines of your current reality. But it’s ok it will get easier. 

3. Take those visions you wrote out and read over them 2/3 weeks in. What patterns do you notice? Are you seeing yourself in a specific location consistently? What kinds of actions are you doing? Are you always helping someone with a specific service or product? Do you notice if your getting excited just from reading over a specific part? Highlight that part. Positive physical responses from you just reading it are a huge sign that something about that touches and resonates with you. Have someone else read your visions and see if they see patterns that maybe you missed. Notice if you get excited on any specific parts you share with them. 

4. Once you have dissected exactly what your perfect kind of day looks like, you now need figure out how it will make you money. And people will only give you money if they believe they are benefiting from it in some way in exchange for the money. This can be very direct like giving someone an amazing product in exchange for money. Or you could create a YouTube channel that people subscribe to see motivational and helpful tips on how to reach their weight loss goal. It can be creating a non profit where people contribute money to the cause in exchange for the satisfaction of knowing they have contributed to something greater and that they believe in. In which case you, are receiving money and resources from other entities like the government and private donors so you can run your business. 

5. Research! Look online for other possible examples of people who have similar businesses that mimic what you desire to create. See where they got their start. Are there any books or other literary resources they refer or recommend? The wonders of Google can be a HUGE help at this stage in the process. Simply enter in “What does it take to be a…” and a whole bunch of resources will pop up to get your creative juices flowing. A quick trip to the local book store can also be of help. I have had the fortune of finding many helpful books on marketing and social media influence that have helped me in many ways. 

6. MASTERMIND! Find a group of confidants that you can bounce ideas off of. It doesn’t have to be big but I suggest at least 2. These should be people you already feel comfortable sharing things with and the more diversity, I feel, the better. These are the people you should feel confident sharing your newly sprouted idea with and who you know will not try to rob you of it. Most likely these will be close friends or former work colleagues. Family members are some times not the best to mastermind with since they maybe overly concerned with not wanting to see you fail. You want your members to be a healthy balance between realists and cheerleaders if that makes sense. They should be able to provide you with honest feedback and unbiased critique yet be understanding to your view and vision. In other words, they should want you to succeed. Take notes on their feedback, even if you disagree. Invite them to bring their own original ideas to share as well. I suggest having these meetings at least 1-2 times a month. Before leaving the meeting share with them one thing you would like to complete before your next meeting, that will help you get closer to making your purpose a reality. This will help you hold yourself accountable on the next step listed. 

7. TAKE ACTION! Now that you have shared your purpose with your group, it’s time to take the feedback and take action! Your first step can be as simple as assigning daily, weekly, and/or monthly goals to your planner on what you need to do next. Or researching what initial expenses will be needed to get your idea get off the ground. Perhaps reaching out to certain people or organizations to form partnerships. Whatever that first step may be, as Nike says, JUST DO IT! 

8. Keep the momentum going! You will see that while step 7. will take up the bulk of your days. Step 6. and 5. are just as important for keeping your furnace fueled. Keep meeting with your group and be open to letting others take part so long as they meet the criteria mentioned earlier. Constantly seek new information relative to your idea and purpose. You never know what can turn into a valuable resource. 

As a realist, more than anything there is one thing I should make clear which may not seem like the appropriate thing to say at this point but here we go anyways… You Will Fail. Haha Let me explain. 

You should from the very beginning learn to accept this fact. That at some point during the process, most likely MANY points during the process, you will fail. And that’s great! It’s great because it will only help you adapt and adjust and evolve that much better! You will learn what you need and what you don’t and what matters and what doesn’t. You will attain your goal of living your purpose. So just as much as you embrace the other parts of the process accept the fact now, and save yourself the heartbreak, that the failure is just as beautiful as the rest. 

But trust me, if a guy decided his life’s purpose was to create Sharknado (AND it sequels), and succeeded at it,  I’m sure you will do just fine. ;D


Smoothie Superfoods

I always love to use smoothies as my healthy fast food option! Especially in the mornings! I’ve noticed now that especially during the summer months I don’t really feel inclined to eat solid foods when I wake up or after a morning run. Or sometimes I don’t feel like chewing on kale in my egg scramble. I’d rather just drink it! 

I have always been a BIG believer in the importance of eating real foods vs. artificial substitutes like meal replacement bars or protein shakes. Mostly because when it comes down to it, nothing can truly replace the value of eating real food and absorbing the beneficial nutrients in it the way your body was created to. 

I mostly started making more smoothies because I don’t always wake up in the morning craving sautéed kale or spinach. But I strive to include greens into every meal I have because they help stabilize my blood sugar and keep sugar cravings at bay. So the next best thing I thought of was sticking them in my drink! 

I will always incorporate at least 2 different types of greens into my smoothie. My favorites are kale and beet greens. People often over look beet greens but they are super nutrient dense in vitamin K, vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids), vitamin C, copper, potassium, manganese, vitamin B2, magnesium, vitamin E, fiber, and calcium. They are a very good source of iron, vitamins B1, B6, B3, zinc, and folate. Plus they are a little sweet and offset the bitterness of any other greens you pair them with. 

Swiss Chard and Dandelion greens are another favorite combo of mine. Dandelion greens pack a nutritional punch with vitamins C and B6, thiamin, riboflavin, calcium, iron (crucial for generating red blood cells), potassium and manganese. Other nutrients present in these greens include folate, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper making it the perfect recovery and blood regenerating agent for after hard workouts! Combining them with the sweet Swiss chard helps offset the bitter taste they have. 

To take it to the next level, I am a HUGE fan of superfoods powders like Maca root, Spirulina, and mushroom powders. Maca is great overall for enhancing stamina, recovery, hormone health (can help keep cortisol in check from overtraining), and adrinal health so you can recover better and push harder. Spirulina is awesome for blood health. It detoxes heavy metals out of your bloodstream and keeps candida in check by maintaining healthy gut flora. Mushrooms and cordycep concentrates  are an absolute must for me daily! They are known to improve respiratory health, increase oxygen uptake, boost heart health, detoxify the body, prevent certain types of cancer, slow the aging process, increases energy, and improve the immune system overall! Needless to say they are AMAZING and an absolute necessity living in the world of environmental stressors that we do today. 

Here are a few of my favorite go to superfood smoothie combos:

Vanilla vegan based protein powder + 1/2 banana + Swiss chard + dandelion greens + chia seeds + mushroom powder + Maca powder + cinnamon + almond butter + vanilla coconut milk. 

Chocolate vegan based protein powder + Frozen acai + chia seeds + kale + spinach + Spirulina + mushroom powder + frozen blueberries + vanilla almond milk

What favorite superfoods do you like to add to your smoothies? 

Leadership: Helping Others Unleash The Awesome!


Over the years I have been blessed to have met and been led by some pretty amazing leaders and coaches. No matter what industry I have been a part of, they have inspired me to pay it forward and guide others in “unleashing the awesome” they possess.

To me, having the ability to do this is what really makes a great leader. Someone who is not only able to influence people, but able to help them realize their limitless and almost beyond comprehension potential for greatness!! Yes, that’s right. EVERYONE, short, tall, big, and small has that potential. They just haven’t experienced it yet. A truly amazing leader will help those they lead to become their own key to unlocking and unleashing that awesomeness.

I almost think of a good leader as a full length mirror. They don’t show you a reflection of what you should be. Rather they show you a reflection of who you already are, strengths and weaknesses, ask you where you want to be, and help you see that you possess the power of making it happen.

They ALWAYS ask more questions than they give answers. Because good leaders KNOW they don’t have all the answers. They ask their team what ideas they have and as a result demonstrate their value of those they ask. But most importantly, they EXECUTE those ideas immediately and give acknowledgement. The execution is SO important for one HUGE reason.

Many “leaders” will ask for honest input in ideas falsely because they already have decided in their minds what they want to execute. As a leader, this is the fastest way to unconsciously kill your following. Whether they are aware of it or not, going into a conversation with their mind already made up and falsely saying they are “open” to ideas, will ooze closed off body language that screams lack of faith in their team.

And why would anyone have faith in someone who has no faith in them! It makes no sense! So honestly and consistent follow thru are extremely important when striving to be a great leader in any setting.

As a leader, it isn’t just about what they can do for you. It’s about what YOU CAN DO FOR THEM. This is an important lesson that I learned early on as a Fitness Professional that later translated into my sales and management roles in other industries. I always had this mentality when it came to providing excellent customer service when providing a product or service. I just never thought of trying it in a management setting but it proved to be extremely successful and self rewarding.

I always asked more of what my team wanted. I wanted to know what made them feel successful. What did they define as successful? What long term goals were they passionate about? What made them excited to get out of bed? What did their perfect day look like? If they knew they could not fail, what did they want to accomplish?

Asking them questions like these, gave me a better understanding of the who they were and where I could make their underlying passions and their time with me, the absolute most beneficial for both of us. Because again, its about what I can do for them. I cant set expectations that are so high or that are completely out of range with what they ultimately are interested in accomplishing. What they can do for me, is limited by what I can do for them. The more I listened to them, the more opportunities I gave them that were inline with their goals, the more motivated and excited they became. If your team is excited it will surely produce exciting results.

Leaders also know how to be unconditionally positive. Now what if you were on that ship with Christopher Columbus and ran out of food 3 months in, how would it make you feel to see him running around screaming “Shit were F**KED!!!” …..Exactly. But staying positive in the light of unfavorable change is much easier said than done. Trust me I know. But with some humble self awareness and an unwavering desire to win, it is possible.

By self awareness I mean the ability really rehearse some seriously positive self affirmations that you can use to block out any and all negative words that may want to come out when you are with the team your leading. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying live in a state of denial. I’m defiantly a realist at heart. But rather, know how to positively respond to scenarios thru the power of your thoughts, words, actions, and body language. Know how to positively spin any and all negativity from your team. The best way to practice this is with yourself first. Think of a time when you failed at something. What were your thoughts in that moment? How did you respond? How did you make it positive? How can you make it positive now? While you think of that moment do you notice if your body language is tense and frustrated? How can you change it?

Ultimately being able to lead others effectively means you have first managed to manage yourself effectively. Everything from your thoughts, your words, your actions. Great leaders are not perfect, they are perfect at dealing with the imperfect challenges that life brings and sharing that knowledge with others. People believe in them not just because they have overcome multiple failures, but because they desire to help others to not fail as much.

THINK it. SEE it. BE it!

I always tell my clients over and over again, never underestimate the power of your mind. If you think it, believe it, visualize it, breathe it, live it, nothing will stop you from getting what you want. I am proud to say that I come from a home of believers. No one ever told me… Continue reading THINK it. SEE it. BE it!

The Cheapest Secret For Muscle Recovery

So no one told me this until about two years ago that one teaspoon of this stuff could make such a HUGE difference in my training! I was running for SoCal Elite Running Club at the time and was attempting to qualify for the US marathon Olympic trials. My mileage was way higher than it… Continue reading The Cheapest Secret For Muscle Recovery